September, 2012

Corporate Branding With Customized Apparels

Custom apparel has been recognized to be an effective branding tool for all sizes of business enterprises. When employees wear specially designed clothes, they promote the image of the company wherever they go. Company hats, shirts and other items of …Continue reading →

Tracing The History Behind The Issuing Of Promotional Merchandise

The practice of giving out of free merchandise in order to create a positive image about a brand is not as recent as many people assume. In fact, as far back as 1798, the campaign of George Washington used commemorative …Continue reading →

How To Make The Right Corporate Gift Work For Your Event

Whatever industry you operate from, you can give the product offering a big boost by getting to choose the right corporate gifts for give-aways. There is every reason to suppose that competitors have also realized how giving gifts leads to …Continue reading →

How Relevant Is Corporate Merchandise As A Marketing Tool

In the recent past, the global economy has undergone the worst downturn in decades. Firms are naturally affected by this occurrence. As such, companies are now looking for cheap ways of promoting and marketing their brands. Corporate-branded merchandise has for …Continue reading →

How To Entice People To Visit Your Event With Promotional Corporate Gifts

It is said that everyone loves a bargain. If this is true, then everyone adores freebies even more. To beef up the numbers of those attending an event, you need to offer attractive incentives. Offering to give a promotional gift …Continue reading →

Some Inventive Tips On Fund Raising Using Promotional Gifts

Philanthropy is an art that pays back well for those who master it sufficiently. To add a measure of intrigue and novelty to your corporate fundraising event, prepare some mystery gift baskets that the attendees can bid on and take …Continue reading →

How Do You Put A Budget For Marketing Campaign On Corporate Promotional Gifts

Marketing is all about getting the right idea off effectively more than it is about having an unlimited budget at your disposal. Promotional gifts are an area that has been explored and utilized by many but few marketers have mastered …Continue reading →

How Gifts Make A Difference To Your Events

Most people get excited when they are presented with a gift. The joy in an occasion can increase if you introduce gifts. The gifts are won through raffles or drawing to persons who attend your occasion. They can be as …Continue reading →

What Kind Of Company Gifts Does Today’s Executive Hope To Receive

There are many tried out and frankly, overused corporate gift ideas that are still very common in today’s business world. If you want your gift to stand out though, you have to think outside the box and give something that …Continue reading →

Being Environmentally Conscious In Business Incentives

It has become the right thing to be aware of environmental issues. People are becoming conscious of their footprint in the world, and are focusing on environmental conservation. This extends into the business world as well. People expect the businesses …Continue reading →

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