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Amphasis Design Pte Ltd - holds a simple concept to introduce a broad range of upmarket and trendy corporate gifts, premiums, door gifts, promotional items and mass giveaways coupled with world class services. We host a wide range of corporate gifts be it branded or unbranded for you to choose from. On top of this, with our own in-house printing facilities, you are rest assured that your order of gifts for your corporate clients will be delivered at the highest quality and on time, every time.

Choosing The Right Gift For Your Company
Showing some appreciation to your clients every once in a while is a good thing. Not only does it help in retaining the customers but also attracts others. So, you have to carefully choose how to do it. You can decide to give discounts, offer after sales services or give gifts. Each of these methods conveys the message quite clearly. While giving gifts, it is important to ensure that they portray the image of the company. Here are some ways to do that.

As much as presents are used to show appreciation, they are also a means of marketing the company. They must be well chosen and designed in order to ensure that they pass the right advertising message to anyone that sees them. This is not easy and requires some thought. Ensure that the gift you use fits in the environment you are in and speaks to the target consumer.

Since you produce many gifts for you clients, it is important to make sure that they are low cost. This will reduce the expense of producing them. However, this does not mean that you go for extremely cheap worthless pieces.

You need something that is classy and that a client would cherish, despite it being cheap. The way the gift appears, speaks volumes about the reputation of the company. Cheap substandard pieces show that your services are below average and no client will want to be associated with you.

The type of gift also matters. Eco friendly pieces usually show that you care about the environment and well-being of the clients. It shows that the company is conscious of the environment and works towards creating a better future, through environmental conservation. When you use such promotional items the client gets the feeling that you do not exploit the resources of the earth for your own benefit. Some examples of such gifts include bags made of organic material, recycled pens, energy saving items, organic apparel and recyclable or reusable products.

Deciding on the best promotional gift to use is not easy. However, this practice has been around for quite a while, and there are companies that have been keeping tabs on the popularity and effectiveness of most of the items that have been used so far. Therefore, you can do some research online and see the corporate gifts that were rated best. By using them, you will be assured of positive results.
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