We are a Singapore based corporate gifts supplier with almost 20 years of experience in the gift industry, we offer a complete range of

lifestyle and gift products, in addition to global promotional product solutions, webstores and decorative facilities.



We aim to the best all rounded corporate gift and corporate branding company in Singapore. We host more than a thousand products that fill up the whole spectrum of product line in corporate giving and marketing branding.

Corporate branding usually start with custom corporate apparels, like uniform, jacket, caps or t-shirts. We can help you with the design and the selection of fabric. At Amphasis Design we are always meticulous about every details of your custom apparels, from the use of fabric to the sewing and the final embroidery or printing touches, be sure your employee will look smart in the apparels supplied by us.

When it come to corporate giving, we are constantly on the look out for fresh products to make sure there are always unique gift ideas for you. Our gift items spread from the premium branded items to the generic inexpensive items.

If you looking for high end premium gifts, items like Microsoft mouse, branded laptop bags and high quality wireless power bank are some of the choices. Giving out premium gifts is the best way to show your appreciation to your customers and it play an important role in customer retention.

For promotional gifts, here we have a range of cheap corporate gifts like plastic ball point pen, lanyards and notebook. They are inexpensive and suitable as mass giveaways for your marketing campaign, roadshow or product promotion. These gift are usually produce in large quanity and we are always able to offer you cheap wholesale pricing for the products.

If you are looking for annual dinner door gifts, our best seller would be customised ezlink cards.

Finally we emphasize on promptness, focus and best customer experience in our business practices. That is the foundation we lay to ensure we bring forth on what was promised in every expect of corporate gifting.



What we do?

  • Our powerful local & global network.

  • Conceptualizing of gift ideas

  • Customer Service unlike others

  • Enhance your marketing campaign with high quality corporate gifts

  • Enhance awareness and visibility of a brand in industry

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