KableCARD | Multi-functional Cable Wireless Charger

  • KableCARD | Multi-functional Cable Wireless Charger


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It is way too easy to let your phone die even when you have easy access to power. Simply grabbing the wrong cord or not having one of those newfangled thunderbolt ports can leave you up a river without a paddle. Von Card is trying to make that process a bit less cumbersome with their KableCARD.

At just about the size of a credit card, this simple gadget holds all of the most frequently used cables for charging your devices including USB type A, B and C, as well as Micro USB and even wireless charging. Despite its slim, low-profile design the KableCARD has enough room to store two SIM cards, and a SIM card ejector – ideal for those who travel often between countries. And to top it off, the KableCARD also functions as a phone cradle for propping up your smartphone while you watch movies. So long as we live in a world where you need dongles and connectors an arms-length away at all times, this seems like an essential gadget for travel.

What is KableCARD?
6 Types of Cable in a Card
KableCARD is a revolutionary design that integrates all the essential and most frequently used cables connectors; a near 1 foot long Type C base cable with 3 types of adapters which makes up to 6 different types of cables.
You’d imagine something that contains the function of having 6 types of cables AND wireless charging to be quite heavy and definitely bulky. Well, that would defeat the purpose of it being portable and assessable whenever you are, wouldn’t it?
We designed to be as small and light as a credit card, with a thickness of 0.3”inch only.

Wireless Charging 
But what about that phone you bought that supports wireless charging? KableCARD is designed with a wireless charge. When Kable CARD is plugged into a power source, it acts as a wireless charger for your device. With or without wire, it’s all up to you.

Efficient & Organized 
The great thing about having cables and essentials to be designed as a card dimension is that it’s just so neat. Everyone has to dig around their bag looking for the right cable among other cables and objects lying around in the depth of the bag — but not you. With KableCARD, you don’t even have think about which type of cable to bring. Just slide the CARD out of your wallet or pocket. Whenever, and wherever you need.

More Than Cable
SIM Kit 

When you’re traveling overseas, you’d buy a local SIM card so that you wouldn’t receive an outrageous phone bill afterwards. KableCARD includes a SIM ejector pin and 2 nano SIM card storage. It might look simple, but makes a significant difference when the occasion arises.


WDH: 8.6cm x 5.5cm x 2.3cm
Weight: 128g

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