Zendure Passport Pro Travel Adapter

  • Zendure Passport Pro Travel Adapter


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  • Power Delivery (PD) for Fast Charging - Passport Pro features four powerful USB output ports, including one USB-C PD output and three USB-A outputs. Thanks to years of experience and expertise in charging technology, Zendure is the first company to apply industry-leading Power Delivery charging technology into travel adaptors. USB Power Delivery will charge your device up to 70% faster than a standard 5W charger and provide more power to charge tablets and laptops quicker. Thanks to its 18W maximum output, it can charge iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Passport Pro serves as an excellent travel companion with strong compatibilities. You can use it to power and charge mobile phones, laptops, electric shavers, digital cameras, game consoles, and other electrical items.

·         One World, One Adapter - Passport Pro is a compact and lightweight universal adaptor with UK, EU, AU, and US plugs. The independent World to Europe adaptor provides travelers with a reliable and easy connection in Europe. Thanks to built-in plugs and the universal AC output, this compact 3-pole travel adaptor can work seamlessly in over 200 countries and regions to power 2- and 3-pole devices from almost all over the world.   

·         Passport Pro includes a detachable World-to-Europe adapter. You can pull the EU portion off from the front of Passport Pro and use it independently to power your AC-powered devices when in Europe. When you don’t need to power any AC-powered devices in EU, you can use Passport Pro as a whole to charge your devices through the four USB ports.

·         Charges Five Devices Simultaneously - With varying plugs and standards in different regions around the world, well-traveled globetrotters know the value of a versatile travel adaptor. In the past, you’d need to bring different types of travel adaptors if you travel across different countries. But now, you only need to bring one compact Passport Pro. Thanks to its four built-in USB ports and AC outlet, you can charge up to five devices all at once.

·         Smaller, Yet More Powerful - Passport Pro has compact size with a simple and streamlined design. The beloved blue gradient colors from the original Passport are applied to the three slider buttons, and the reset button.   


It’s the first time that a resettable circuit breaker has been introduced into a travel adaptor. Why has no other product been able to do this? Because traditional circuit breakers are too big and too expensive for travel adaptors.   

In order to find the perfect circuit breaker that’s small enough to fit into Passport Pro, we partnered with a manufacturer from Taiwan to co-develop a solution. This manufacturer has been in the circuit breaker business since 1991. With over 27 years of experience in this field, they were able to manufacture the world’s smallest and most robust circuit breaker for us. This was a key component that enabled us to make Passport Pro so compact.  

A top priority in electrical safety is keeping electricity grounded. Passport Pro has four plugs and each is equipped with a ground connection. A ground wire is an essential safety feature for many electrical systems. In the event of high voltage, short, or irregular electrical currents, the grounding wire provides a path for the electricity, transferring energy to the ground rather than the electrical system. This keeps you and your devices safe, reducing the risk of electrical shock, fires and, other dangers.     

The ground wire plays such an important role, but surprisingly 99% of travel adaptors on the market do not have a ground connection. So far, only a few brands in the world can manufacture grounded travel adaptors due to the complexity of the design, and Zendure is proud to announce Passport Pro as one of them. Now you can use your beloved electronic devices with peace of mind. 


68mm x 49mm 66mm

Black, White


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